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Early Fall at Bean Fosters

Well friends. Summer is gradually coming to a close, and it's a good time for coffee and books! Lots of nifty things are coming up at Bean Fosters!

We will be open on Labor Day, Monday September 7th 630a - 200p. We'll be here, but closing early, so drop on by!

Did you know? All baked goods are now made in-house! Our incredible in-house baker has been transitioning everything and training others throughout the summer, and our pastries seem to just get more and more fantastic. The best way to sweeten coffee is with a pastry on the side! We do continue to carry gluten-free goods from 5 Star Gluten Free as well!

Maple Spice is here! The Maple Spice Latte is our super-popular Fall seasonal drink. The signs will be up in-store soon, but feel free to ask for it now! The maple syrup, cinnamon, clove and ginger flavors excellently complement the blueberry and caramel tasting notes of fresh Novo Espresso blended with tasty, locally-sourced steamed milk. And it also tastes great in a hot cocoa or mocha with our single-origin drinking chocolate! If you ever order beverages with syrup in them, be sure to give this one a try through the fall!

Our newest travel mugs have arrived! They come in seven different colors. And they are nifty. We like them. We think you will too!

Ice Cream, Affogatos and Iced Tea will still be around for several weeks. As summer comes to a close, so will its seasonal specialties. If you have yet to, say, have espresso over ice cream you should drop by before it disappears!

Memorial Day

Thanks for reading! Just two quick updates for this week:

We will be closed on Memorial Day, Monday May 25th -- buy your fresh bags of beans here before the weekend! We have THREE brand new coffees coming in Tuesday afternoon!

We will have absurdly delicious Peach Cobbler Ice Cream on sale for $1 per scoop this Friday and Saturday! (May 21st & 22nd) Because we can.

That's all friends! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Stay Cool!

It's springtime, and it's getting hot out there. Well, sometimes. Anyway.
Stay cool friends. We can help:

We love affogatos! 'Affogato' means something like 'drowned' in Italian, and (around here) refers to a scoop of ice cream, drowned with a double-shot of espresso. Some say ice cream is the only acceptable sweetener for espresso -- it's certainly a delicious dessert!

Ice Cream
We searched throughout the Denver metro-area for the best local-made ice cream we could find, and were drawn to Little Man Ice Cream out of Denver. Turns out the people there are awesome too, as is their Scoop for Scoop program; check 'em out, then visit us for some affogatos, or even just some tasty scoops of Vanilla, Chocolate, Salted Oreo, or Peach Cobbler Ice Cream. There may be even more flavors on the way as summer comes along!

Iced Coffee
Fun fact: we serve our ridiculously popular cold-brew iced coffee (or toddy -- whatever you want to call it) all year round! What's up with cold-brew? Essentially, to make cold-brew iced coffee, we just place coarse-ground coffee in room-temperature or refrigerated water over a 12-24 hr period then filter out the grounds, and pour it over ice. It's a little more work than the traditional double-strength coffee pot over ice method, and well worth the smoother flavor. Most days we use a tasty espresso blend, but we'll often put some single-origin African coffees on cold brew as well (such as Belekatu in the picture above!)

Iced Tea
We're back to brewing iced tea daily! Varieties include Teatulia Tulsi Infusion Tea as well as Teatulia Green Tea. Teatulia is a Denver-based tea company using exclusively direct-trade, USDA organic, Northern Bangladesh teas and herbs. The Green Tea is crisp and tasty, while the Tulsi Infusion is especially distinctive iced, with a strong black tea flavor smoothed out with some subtle floral and sweet spice flavors. Try 'em out!