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Hello friends! Here's some happenings in July!

We will be closed on both Friday, July 4th, and Saturday, July 5th. Celebrating independence and such. Drop by and pick up some tasty bags of coffee for the long weekend!

Also, Coffee With A Councilor is cancelled for July. Coffee With A Councilor is a monthly open forum with a Golden City Council Representative that typically occurs on the first Saturday of every month -- and will happen next in August!

We'll have new hours after 4th of July weekend, making Saturdays just a bit longer. Super easy to remember: Bean Fosters is now open Mon-Sat 630-630.

New Little Man Ice Cream flavors will be available by July 3rd! Including the famed Salted Oreo Ice Cream and Raspberry Love, in addition to more Vanilla Bean and Chocolate. And we can drizzle espresso over any of them...! And it's amazing.

Denver A-List voting for Best Coffee Shop in Denver is underway, so if you feel so compelled, leave us a vote and leave others a tip about us! Social media and review sites are a primary source of new customers for small businesses such as coffee shops and used bookstores, so honest mentions on those online sources helps local businesses more than you know!

New Friends!

We will be closed on Monday, May 26th for Memorial Day.
Until then, we've got some incredibly good coffee beans around for you to take home for the weekend! Including the new arrival of this year's San Sebastian, Columbia, which has a super-tasty cherry nuance to it. Delicious and fresh-roasted this week.

New Ice Cream Friends:
Prepare yourself for something amazing: the affogato.
Affogato means something like 'drowned' in Italian, and at Bean Fosters refers to a scoop of ice cream, drowned with a double-shot of espresso. Life-changing flavor combination.

We searched throughout the Denver metro-area for the best local-made ice cream we could find, and were drawn to Little Man Ice Cream out of Denver. Turns out the people there are awesome too, as is their Scoop for Scoop program; check 'em out, then visit us for some crazy-tasty Vanilla Bean or Chocolate ice cream, perhaps drowned in espresso! There may be some less-traditional ice cream flavors in our future as well!

New Gluten-Free Friends:
We're excited to replace some of our gluten-free offerings with local tastiness by 5 Star Gluten Free Baking here in Golden, CO! We'll be rolling out pastries and using their bread for gluten-free sandwiches starting in the next week or so. These pastries are delicious whether you're gluten sensitive or not, so drop by and give 'em a try sometime soon!


Iced tea is back! It keeps the lego robots at bay.
Iced Drinks
It's spring! Yes, we're aware it just snowed; but we have our Tulsi Infusion Black Iced Tea (from Teatulia - Denver, CO) available starting now through the summer, along with Black Tea Lemonade and Apple Tea. (Made with Apple Juice from Hotchkiss, CO!) We'll also start brewing up Iced Green Tea and other combinations in a few weeks as things warm up more!

Lastly, we have our incredibly popular cold-brewed iced coffees available year-round, and are able to make just about any beverage on our menu over ice -- just ask!

Coffee With A Councilor
Coffee With A Councilor will occur as usual tomorrow, Sat, April 5th from 10am to 11am. Council Charis-Graves and Council Gould will both be in attendance to discuss whether the City of Golden should allow retail marijuana stores within its city limits and address any other questions you may have about city matters. Coffee With A Councilor is a monthly open forum at the shop with a Golden City Council Representative that occurs on the first Saturday of every month. Feel free to bring any thoughts or questions you may have about our community!

Best of the Best
The Golden Transcript is taking votes for its 2014 Best of the Best listings, now through the end of April! Help out your favorite Golden businesses by voting, and keep Bean Fosters in mind for the Best Coffee and Best Bookstore categories!

This coming week, among our other delicious offerings, we're brewing up Congo Sopacdi roasted by Novo Coffee. Sopacdi is an excellent African coffee from the Sopacdi Washing Station near Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The story behind this coffee is incredible, and we love to share it -- so here's a quick article about where these beans come from and why perhaps you've never had Congolese coffee before!

We are hiring a new barista! Now's your chance! Here are the details!

That's all for today! Thanks a bunch!