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Jeanne's Pasties

We're ridiculously excited to offer some new, delicious pastries at Bean Fosters!

Jeanne, who lives and bakes here in Golden, has named her baking operation "Jeanne's Pasties" after breaded, meat-filled meals, called 'pasties', which were common food for miners in the Rocky Mountains. But Jeanne's talent exceeds just the pasty meal, and she will be providing Bean Fosters with delicious Cranberry Apple Pasties, Berry Cakes, Fruit Tarts, and whatever she feels like making from week to week. The stuff we've tasted so far complements our coffee incredibly, and should become a new highlight to the end of your week!

We sampled out some of her stuff on a Saturday back in December, and we all agreed - her baking is incredible. This weekend we have Cranberry Apple Pasties, such as the one I'm eating with my cup of french pressed San Sebastian Columbia while writing this... Here's a picture:

Her goods will be available at our shop most weeks on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays - starting now! - and we highly recommend you give them a try!